Friday, March 20, 2015

DirtyPCBs two layer ENIG PCB closeups

The standard service is $14 for 10 boards. You can have the pads ENIG finished for $15 more, which brings the total cost to $29 for 10 boards, shipped. It is still an excellent deal. The quality is excellent too, as the closeups below illustrate.

Fig 1: The pads for this 0.5mm pitch QFN were solder mask defined in the design. 

Fig 2: Actual solder mask on the PCB. They expanded the clearance here by quite a bit, but this is perfectly reasonable. 

Fig 3: Tigher clearances here on this side.

Fig 4: 0.1 inch header - Drilled holes alignment are quite good. 

Fig 5: 1mm pitch Flat-flex connector pads. 

Fig 6: Pads for 0603s. To the right is a 2mm pitch, two-pin header. 


Anonymous said...

such clear views of the Dirty quality.. thanks for the insight.

Rasz_pl said...

hdmi to mipi csi? :) FPGA based?

manis404 said...

Right! Fpgas are really awesome little things.

ark creature id list said...

Unter den Funkamateuren gibt es einen Fertiger in DL: Mal probiert oder in Erwägung gezogen? Es ist ja - besonders bei einfachen Projekten - nicht immer Doppelseitig oder ein Aufdruck nötig...

xcom 2 console said...

it would have been good if you should us a completely finished PCB, and if this set of solutions will only do about 5 or 6 boards it would be better to use another method
sounds like a waste of time and a lot of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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34 people watching this video have probably never made a DIY circuit board. Watching this video make the process look really easy but it takes a lot of technology to make these kind of boards. Thank you for this informative film.